Instrumental Voice Entries:

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    Paulk https://eduvision.tv/l?eeyLmL 0 - Kindergarten Instrumental/Voice Performance Over the River and Through the Woods Did you know this was originally a Thanksgiving poem? Humphries
    Paulk https://eduvision.tv/l?eeyLAe 0 - Kindergarten Instrumental/Voice Performance Sing Sweet Nightingale Did you know the Nightingale is known for its sweet sounding song? Humphries
    Smith https://eduvision.tv/l?eeygeR 1-2 Instrumental/Voice Performance Did you Know How Much I Love my Brother? I wrote this song because through all the ups and downs, I love my little brother more than anything! Anderson
    Weaver https://eduvision.tv/l?eRDtmg 1-2 Instrumental/Voice Performance Wyatt plays guitar Anderson
    Carter https://eduvision.tv/l?eRDLtm 1-2 Instrumental/Voice Performance Did You Know That I Like To Sing? Suzy Brown
    Moellinger https://eduvision.tv/l?eRDALO 1-2 Instrumental/Voice Performance SHAKESPEARE Did you know that SHAKESPEARE has songs in some of his plays? Here is me practicing a SHAKESPEARE song called "Tell Me Where Is Fancy Bred". I got to sing this song when I was Stephano in the play (The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare). Mrs. Kelly Anderson
    Moellinger https://eduvision.tv/l?eRDAyR 1-2 Instrumental/Voice Performance BEATBOXING Did you know BEATBOXING is an art? The expressions contest lets me show you BEATBOXING is an art. BEATBOXING is the instrument. Mrs. Kelly Anderson
    Lightner https://eduvision.tv/l?eeyLem 3-4 Instrumental/Voice Performance Did you know that I can play Piano Man? Samantha Austin
    Zhao https://eduvision.tv/l?eeygAR 3-4 Instrumental/Voice Performance Summer Fun Mrs.Davis
    Jones https://eduvision.tv/l?eRDtDA 3-4 Instrumental/Voice Performance Skeleton's Waltz Did you know that playing the piano is challenging but also SUPER fun? Helms
    Mahoney https://eduvision.tv/l?eRDyLt 3-4 Instrumental/Voice Performance Over the Rainbow / voice Did you know that rainbows are just light bouncing off of the rain drops. Mrs. Hunt
    Blair https://eduvision.tv/l?eeygyR 3-4 Instrumental/Voice Performance Great Smokey Mountains This is one of my favorite recital pieces. I love the way it allows me to work the full keyboard. Hunt
    Dean https://eduvision.tv/l?eeyygm 5-6 Instrumental/Voice Performance Wagon Wheel Did you know that I learned this song at a camp in NC that has shaped my life? That camp has given me invaluable insight into handling life's situations and growing up. When I sing Wagon Wheel it reminds me of the 3 years of camp's lessons, inspiration and fun. Dean
    Hannon https://eduvision.tv/l?eRDeeg 5-6 Instrumental/Voice Performance Graceful Gladiators Did you know I am a new band student? I wrote this piece to play on my flute. Tucker
    Hannon https://eduvision.tv/l?eRDeee 5-6 Instrumental/Voice Performance Ode to Joy Tucker
    Bibb https://eduvision.tv/l?eRDtme 5-6 Instrumental/Voice Performance Ode to Joy A Beginner Band Interpretation Rogers