The Physical Education teachers know this has been a strange and difficult time for both you and your family. The interruption of your activities and schedule for school brings about a lot of emotions. One of the best things you can do to keep yourself focused and energized during this time is to look for outlets to exercise and stay physically fit. Our PE goal for the rest of the year at MBJH is to give you and your parents some resources to keep your fitness levels up, participate in fun activites and refine some sports skills over the next few weeks. A few things we want you to focus on:
    1. Try to get 30-45 m inutes of activity in each day. (workouts, running, walking, biking, hiking, sports)
    2. Get into a routine, have a set time each day or keep a schedule of activity.
    3. Try to get outside each day, away from TV, phones, soical media and video games.
    4. Participate in a game or skill each day. (spikeball, shoot hoops, frisbee, fishing, baseball, tennis, rec games)
    5. Make sure to keep social distancing of at least 6 feet in any acitivity or sport you play, stay safe!
    **Exercise can help both your physical and emotional health during e-learning!
    **If you have any questions about an activity or how to stay physically fit, email your PE teacher through canvas or the webpage
    **We will have sample workouts and activites on canvas and the website!

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