"Art is where you find it" in front of scattered art materials
  • Welcome to the MBE art page!

    It is my firm belief that art is where you find it and that the gift of every artist is their ability to do just that - to see it. To find it.

    With this gift comes the responsibility of drawing others' attention to those things that might otherwise go unnoticed. . . the dainty flowers in the front yard. The way it smells after it rains. The stories held in wrinkled hands. The way a color makes you feel. The way a song moves you to tears. How specific textures, nostalgia woven between weft and warp, trigger childhood memories and the feel of home. The way a photograph tells a story and invites you in. . . Art is more than a finished product - It is a way of living. Artists are perspective makers, shifters, and expansionists. 

    I am also convinced that there are no greater artists than children. They are almost entirely unbridled imagination, wonder and awe. They notice too much and they question nearly everything. They eagerly want to share their experiences as noted by the repeated cries of "Watch me!" and "Look!". They are learning how to be human themselves and in doing so, often remind adults what being human can mean. It is my absolute privilege to help develop student's inner artist - both technically and holistically. 

    Studying the arts allows students to increase their creative thinking and problem solving abilities, to build confidence and character, and it gives each student an opportunity to discover and develop artistic skill, ability, and an appreciation for the arts all while allowing them to develop their own unique voice. My class follows a discipline-based model - offering different mediums, methods, and making styles to students while utilizing art history, aesthetics, criticism and context. I hope that every student can leave my class with more skill, more knowledge, and more wonder at all of the art around them.

                ~ Mrs. Sims