• Hello! My name is Trissy Condra and I'm the school nurse here at MBE! This is my second year to be in the health room and I'm so excited to be back.  I have been a nurse for 20 years, most of it in a hospital setting.  I've been in a school setting for the past 3 years and I absolutely love it.  I live here in Mountain Brook with my husband Matt, our children Davis (7th grade), Betsy (4th grade), and our dogs LuLu and Lucky.  Please feel free to drop by or call the health room anytime.  If you need to bring a medication for your child, go to the links section on my page and print out the PPA form.  If it's a prescribed medication the form will need to be filled out by your doctor.  If it's an over the counter medication you can fill it out and sign. Please remember than any over the counter medication brought in needs to be new in the box.  Prescription medications need to be in the bottle from the pharmacy with the pharmacy label on it.  Epi pens and inhalers need to be in a box with a pharmacy label also. 

    Health room (205) 414-3780