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eLearning Help from CES Instructional Coaches

  • The purpose of this page is to give teachers resources to help them develop & maintain an online learning environment including example lessons in READING, MATH, & SCIENCE with the focus on communication, instruction and feedback.

    Some have dabbled, and others have soared in using online learning platforms for blended & flipped learning, but due to school closure, teachers are working with urgency, diligence and possibly a little apprehension to set up platforms and procedures to continue teaching and learning remotely. As we jump in with hands-on, just-in-time experience in researching, exploring and learning new tools for providing instruction, communication and feedback to our students, hopefully we will see the potential online learning has to amplify learning.

    For Technology Resources:



  •  *If you use any part of these resources remember to be selective about what you choose.  The standards drive our instruction. 

    Math and Science Video Lessons for Remote Learning EdPuzzle

    Math Video Lessons for Remote Learning

     Anywhere Math - Math video series that puts learning math within your reach Any time. Anywhere.  (Grades 5-6)

    Anywhere Math

    Math Antics Videos and Practice Activities (Grades 2-6)

    Math Antics - Free Videos

    Math Games - free math games and skill practice (PreK - 8)

    Math Games

    3-Act Tasks - Real world videos with mental math problem solving opportunities (Grades K - 5)

    3-Act Tasks

    IXL (Students have access through classlink)

    Xtra Math (Students have access through classlink)

    Splash Math (Students have access through classlink)


  • Location of Resources for Each Standard

    Mystery Science

    Newsela (Sign in with Google Account)

    Scholastic At Home (AMAZING!) - Cross-curriculuar learning activities organized by the day! There are "continue the learning" activities at the end of each article. These would be GREAT discussion starters in Google Classroom and would be fantastic topics for conversation in a Google Hangout!

    • Tell kids to use "Learning20" and "Clifford" as the username and password

    Flipgrid Ideas 

    BreakoutEDU Online 

    See the Learning Lounge below to access more resources!



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