• We believe professional growth is imperative for all staff members.  The Mountain Brook Schools approach to evaluating certified staff members puts the staff member in the driver's seat of his or her own growth.  Each staff member is expected to assess his or her professional practices against accepted standards for educators.  For teachers, the Mountain Brook Schools Teacher Standards of Practice are based on the work of Charlotte Danielson, Robert Marzano, Jon Saphier, and Kim Marshall. 

    In collaboration with the immediate supervisor, the staff member creates a professional learning goal and plans the steps to take to make that goal a reality.  Through observations, conversations, and reflections throughout the school year, the staff member is supported as he/she learns and implements the new learning.  

    A conference at the end of the school year with the immediate supervisor provides the opportunity for the staff member to discuss what he/she learned and how it was used to benefit him/herself, students, and/or colleagues.  

    Every certified staff member is encouraged to seek out a colleague for feedback or coaching as he/she works toward the professional learning goal.  

    For more information about the Mountain Brook Schools Teacher and Leader Development Processes, please contact Dr. Lisa Beckham, Director of Administrative Services at 205-871-4608.