• Welcome to the MBJH health room.

    Mountain Brook Schools believes healthy students are better learners and academic achievement bears a lifetime of benefits for health.

    Each Mountain Brook School has a health room staffed by a Registered Nurse, who offers limited student health services that are designed to address minor medical issues that may arise during the school day or to assist with special or chronic health problems.

    Some of the medical issues addressed by the school nurse include:

    • Provides medication as prescribed by the child’s health care provider. 
      • Please contact me if your child has a health condition requiring medication, either daily or as needed. 
    • Provides First Aid for injuries.
    • Develops health plans and provides nursing care for students with chronic health conditions.
      • Common health conditions that require a plan would be severe allergies, asthma, diabetes, chronic headaches, seizures and diabetes.
    • Coordinates necessary health screenings.
    • Monitors the immunization status for all students and reminding you when shots are needed, if the certificate of immunization has expired.

    Please contact the school nurse for further guidance if your child requires medication or a medical procedure at school and if your child has a chronic health condition that needs to be addressed during the school day.

    For medication forms and additional information, Click Here


    Rebecca Welo, RN


    Mountain Brook Junior High Nurse