• Crestline Elementary School (CES) is located just southeast of Birmingham, Alabama in the suburb of Mountain Brook. Crestline students are high achieving and come from families that expect high levels of academic success, and Crestline facilitates students meeting those expectations. The school utilizes a variety of strategies to encourage and challenge all students to meet their maximum potential. Students experience a rigorous curriculum. The purpose of Crestline Elementary School is, “to provide an effective, challenging, and engaging education for every one of our students.” In order to accomplish this lofty goal, Crestline has become a community of teachers, students, and stakeholders that all work together to further our students’ education, social, and emotional development. In order to get the most from students, teachers focus equally on instruction, building classroom community and relationships with students. Teachers know their students in a deep, personal way and focus on teaching the whole child. This approach permeates the Crestline community and seeps into every aspect of what makes us unique. It is demonstrated through Crestline’s ever growing commitment to community service. For the last several years, we have had a vibrant partnership with Brookville Elementary. This element of community service and partnership has been developed intentionally for Crestline students. It is a commitment that fosters every aspect of development that embodies Crestline’s beliefs about educating the whole child. It is this commitment to growth in every aspect of development that makes Crestline a special place.

    Beliefs 18-19