"Providing an effective, challenging, and engaging education for every one of our students"
Last Name First Name Position Email
Anderson Rachel 1st Grade
Anderson Amy 4th Grade
Anson Laura Special Ed
Azar Jennifer Kindergarten
Baker Sara 4th Grade
Barringer Tracey 2nd Grade
Black Greer 1st Grade
Blanton Maria Spanish
Boyd Tracey Special Ed
Butler Laura Music
Carter Katie 3rd Grade
Corriher Marlyss 1st Grade
Davis Tara 3rd Grade
Davis Allison 3rd Grade
Dern Amy Occupational Therapy
Dickens Jane Office Assistant
Dillard Nancy Media Specialist
Dorough Mary 2nd Grade
Dorsten Stacy 6th Grade
Dye Kathy Office Assistant
Euwer Jayne Kindergarten
Falconer Melanie Special Ed
Farrar Phyllis Kindergarten
Fowler Lauren Art
Garner William 6th Grade
Gwaltney Mary Special Ed
Haley Katherine 2nd Grade
Hennessy Melanie Kindergarten
Henry Denise Bookkeeper
Holder Debbie 1st Grade
Hollans Lawson 6th Grade
Howe Melinda 5th Grade
Howell Teresa 6th Grade
Humphries Amy Extended Day
Johnson Amanda 5th Grade
Jones Stephanie Special Ed
King Laurie Principal
Kiser Lauren 3rd Grade/Academic Support
Lampkin Claire Preschool
Lee Erica Special Ed
Lorino Bonnie Counselor
Malachowski Amanda Math Coach
McBrayer Janet Special Ed
McClung Amanda 3rd Grade
McKerley Scott 4th Grade
Mitchell Kelly 3rd Grade
Mooney Elizabeth Kindergarten
Moore Ruth Media Specialist
Mueller Jennifer Academic Support
Neely Christina 2nd Grade
Nelson Vista Art
Nelson Janet Music
Noles Johnna Kindergarten
Norville Susan 2nd Grade
O'Neill Bradley 4th Grade
O'Neill Kelby Physical Education
Overstreet Sandra Nurse
Phillips Heather PAGE
Phillips Anna Spanish
Pittman Elizabeth Special Ed
Preston Jennifer 4th Grade
Ramsay Michelle 1st Grade
Rives Laura 3rd Grade
Scott Karen 6th Grade
Stanbridge Paula Technology Coordinator
Studinka Elizabeth 6th Grade
Sullivan Loretta 5th Grade
Summerrow Chelsey 1st Grade
Tatarek Paige Physical Education
Treadwell Leah Counselor
Waldrum Julia 2nd Grade
Wall LuAnne Physical Education
Waters Catherine Asst. Principal
Watkins Josh Asst. Principal
Westlake Lindsey 1st Grade
Wibbels Kathleen 5th Grade
Williams Sarah Neale 5th Grade
Woodham Susan Cafeteria Manager