• Canvas Calendar Tips

    Posted by Joani Kay on 10/1/2019

    The CANVAS Calendar provides several great features. Here are just a few.



    Canvas Calendar Tips

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  • Chromebook Keyboard Shorts

    Posted by Joani Kay on 10/1/2019

    Cool resource for Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts

    • Ctl-Shift-T opens the tab you accidentally closed
    • Ctl-Alt-? gives a full list of all shortcuts



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  • Hapara Focused Browsing

    Posted by Joani Kay on 9/30/2019


    Hapara Focused Browsing is a great feature to guide and focus students to the correct website, quiz sites, and more.

    Open Tabs is a fantastic feature for sharing URLs to learners within your class. You can also choose to focusyour students to the newly opened browser tabs for a set period of time using the Focused Browsing feature. 

    When a Focused Browsing session is active, learners can’t open new tabs, swap to other tabs or browse to new sites or URLs.

    Important NOTES from our testing:

    • Open Hapara from the icon in your ClassLink. Open the class you plan to focus browsing. 
      • If students are using school Chromebooks - they should show up in your Hapara automatically.
      • If they are using personal devices, which we do not recommend, have them access Google.com and login with their school email. Then you should see them in Hapara. 
    • We do not recommend using the preset timing tool because servers are not always in sync. Only launch Focus Browsing after students are in class.
    • Student will receive a message that a focused browing session is about to begin.
    • Teacher may setup the session so any tabs students had open previoys to session re-open - or they do not re-open.

    Link to additional information with option screens from HAPARAhttps://tinyurl.com/ybjrc9pg

    Quick Video to get you started....





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  • Mountain Brook Schools APP

    Posted by Joani Kay on 9/29/2019


    Originally posted 9/2017


    Mountain Brook School district, along with each of our schools, constantly works to enhance communication with staff, students, and parents.  The MBS APP became available to parents, faculty and staff, and students in the spring of 2017.


    You may have already downloaded this app on your cell phone. If not we hope the information below is helpful. The following information includes instructions for download as well as highlights some of the icons available with the app.


    Users can download the app for Apple or Google based on your mobile device by searching for MBS Schools (in the Apple App Store) or Mountain Brook Schools (in Google Play).


    Once the app has been downloaded, users have the opportunity to configure the app to ensure relevant information is received and a cell number for SMS/Text messages is entered.


    APP Screenshots

    To experience the full benefits of the app, users should log into the app using their MBS network username and password. This is the same information you currently use to access the MBS Portal (ClassLink).


    Calendar icon – if it is blank, click the gear in the upper right corner and select the calendars you would like to view.


    Directory icon – provides information for the Board of Education and each school. You will notice Staff and Teacher links are available which includes schedules.


    Click the ClassLink icon. If you do not already have this on your cell phone you will be ask to download. ClassLink icon provides quick access to the MBS Portal including Canvas, Chalkable and more. There will be a onetime sign-in using your MBS network username and password. The Chalkable icon inside the ClassLink will require your Chalkable username and the password you have setup.


    Student Info icon – Log in using your MBS network username and password. This area provides access to posted 9-weeks grades and more.

    If you would like to receive text message alerts, click the Student Info icon, Click Your Name icon. Click Edit in the upper right corner of Account Info. Then click Add New to add your cell phone number to the TEXT/SMS NUMBERS --just type the numbers, no dashes, starting with area code. A “Delivery Preferences” window appears. Just click Done


    Other MBS App icons include Activity Stream, Notifications, News, Child Nutrition Payments, Lunch Menus and more.



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  • Canvas Speed Grader, Rubrics and Extra Credit

    Posted by Joani Kay on 9/26/2019

    Canvas Logo


    When using Speed Grader and a Rubric, teachers may now add extra credit points. 


    Excess Rubric Criterion Points


    When an instructor grades a submission in SpeedGrader and uses a rubric for grading, the rubric supports excess points above the maximum point value for each criterion. This change allows instructors to provide extra credit through rubric criteria and aligns consistency with other Canvas features that support additional point values.



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  • Screencastify – Works in Chrome

    Posted by Joani Kay on 4/5/2018

    Screencastify, Great resource for How To and more



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  • Need Publication Templates?

    Posted by Joani Kay on 4/4/2018

    If you are looking for quick and easy templates, try these with your students.


    Free Google Doc Newspaper Template

    Free Microsoft Newspaper Templates

    Newspaper Templates

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  • New Google Sites, Great for Projects

    Posted by Joani Kay on 4/4/2018

     Google Sites Logo

    New Google Sites is a great and simple tool to share information and knowledge on a subject.

    • Part of Google Suite for Education
    • Autosaves to Google Drive
    • Easy drag, drop, insert of objects
    • Insert charts, graphs, use forms to collect information
    • Add audio, video
    • Student project collaboration
    • and more

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  • Learning Together

    Posted by Joani Kay on 3/4/2018

    Learning Together Online


    Mountain Brook Junior High and Mountain Brook High School teachers started a new adventure in learning. Teachers are working together in an online course Diving Deeper Into Canvas. The time commitment is 6 weeks, self-paced course where teachers have the opportunity to create pages, modules, assessment, and assignments. We are learning about the advantages of Canvas File Management, the powers of the Announcement and Calendar tools, and how to integrate certain 3rd party packages. Our goal is for the beginning Canvas instructor to become comfortable with basic Canvas features and to incorporate them as they work with students.  


    Teacher Learning

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  • Schedule Meeting using Canvas Calendar Schedule

    Posted by Joani Kay on 2/22/2018



    CANVAS Scheduler Feature

    You can create appointment groups in the Scheduler. Appointment groups create a block of time where students/participants can meet with you. They may sign up for appointment times on the calendars.

    Appointments will appear in teacher calendar after a reservation has been reserved. 


    Access your Canvas Course Calendar and click the SCHEDULE button



    Click CREATE and APPOINTMENT Group, name the event and location.

    Select the CALENDAR(s) you want the schedule for.



    Setup the Date and Time Range. You mayuse the 30 minute slow feature - or setup your own.



    You modify the block times as needed.



    Remembe to SAVE and PUBLISH



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