• YouTube 3 Great Tips

    Posted by Joani Kay on 12/6/2022

    Three Great Tips for YouTube Every Teacher Should Know

    • Change CC settings
    • Copy Transcript of video
    • *Clip a Video Section (scroll to 1:44)



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  • Adobe Spark

    Posted by Joani Kay on 10/24/2022

    Adobe Spark is now Adobe Creative Cloud Express. The software is available to faculty, staff, and students in K-12 schools. Adobe Spark has been available to MBHS for a few years and now we have Adobe Creative Cloud Express. The software is a creation tool for logos, flyers, documents, and more. It also includes editing tools for images, video, PDFs, and more. Great resource for projects large and small.

    How to Access: Log in to ClassLink and open the Adobe Spark icon. 

    Additional Resources:




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  • Audio Enhancement Systems

    Posted by Joani Kay on 8/23/2022

    Audio Enhancement


    In 2022, Mountain Brook Schools began installing a new Audio Enhancement system in all of our classrooms. 

    The system includes:

    • Speakers in the ceiling of all classrooms to provide even distribution of sound.
    • Audio box which connects audio to the speakers from the class set of microphones as well as the classroom computer. 
    • A digital camera is mounted on the ceiling to provide the opportunity for instructors to film their lessons as needed.


    How to Use Microphones, Select Audio Source, Sync system, and more

    8/23/22 Systems are installed in the new wing. Installation continues in the 400 and 500 wings and will start soon in 600, Arena Cage, ALC, and Field House.


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  • Hapara Focused Browsing

    Posted by Joani Kay on 8/2/2022


    Hapara Focused Browsing is a great feature to guide and focus students to the correct website, quiz sites, and more.

    Open Tabs is a fantastic feature for sharing URLs to learners within your class. You can also choose to focus your students to the newly opened browser tabs for a set period of time using the Focused Browsing feature. 

    When a Focused Browsing session is active, learners can’t open new tabs, swap to other tabs or browse to new sites or URLs.

    Important NOTES from our testing:

    • Open Hapara from the icon in your ClassLink. Open the class you plan to focus browsing. 
      • If students are using school Chromebooks - they should show up in your Hapara automatically.
      • If they are using personal devices, which we do not recommend, have them access Google.com and login with their school email. Then you should see them in Hapara. 
    • We do not recommend using the preset timing tool because servers are not always in sync. Only launch Focus Browsing after students are in class.
    • Student will receive a message that a focused browing session is about to begin.
    • Teacher may setup the session so any tabs students had open previoys to session re-open - or they do not re-open.

    Link to additional information with option screens from HAPARAhttps://tinyurl.com/ybjrc9pg

    Quick Video to get you started....





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  • Mirroring 360

    Posted by Joani Kay on 8/1/2022


    Mirror Devices to your Computer + Share your Computer Screen

    Quickly connect student Chromebooks to your projector.


    MBHS purchased several licenses for Mirroring 360 (not pro). If a teacher would like a license, please contact Ms. Kay.


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  • Video Editor in Windows 10

    Posted by Joani Kay on 3/22/2022

    MBHS faculty and staff PC desktops, Career Tech student labs, Foreign Language PC desktops, and our PC laptops, all have Windows 10. Windows 10 includes a built-in photo editor and video editing software. Watch the video below to learn more, including how-to steps. 


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  • Eduvision and Schoology

    Posted by Joani Kay on 3/7/2022

    MBS teachers will now have their own video channel. Our first step is to create your channel. Let's get started.

    In order to create your own Channel, we must link to the two products.

    • Access Schoology and open one of the courses that you are a teacher in.  
    • Using the left navigation bar, scroll and click Eduvision.
    • In the middle of the screen your account should link. SUCCESS
    • If you did not link, you will see a bar.
      • Click the drop down arrow of the bar and select mbhs
      • Then click the Proceed button.
      • Now you should see Eduvision in the middle.

    Time to Close Schoology. This part is now complete for all of your courses. This was Step 1. More to follow 


    Video of How To Instructions

    Eduvsion and ClassLink

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  • Screencastify – Works in Chrome

    Posted by Joani Kay on 1/2/2022

    Screencastify, Great resource for How To and more



    Quick Guide Resources https://help.screencastify.com/collection/128-user-guide


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  • Schoology Assignments Part 1 and 2

    Posted by Joani Kay on 11/1/2020

    Schoology: Create Assignment Part 1

    • Example of good layout
    • Add image and links
    • Due date and example of how it shows "late" if turned in past due date



    Create Assignment Part 2

    • ​Ability to Lock Assignment
    • Publish / unpublish before student submit, not after
    • Add rubric
    • Allow students to comment


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  • PowerPoint 2019

    Posted by Joani Kay on 9/14/2020

    Narrations and timings can enhance a web-based or self-running slide show. If you have a sound card, microphone, and speakers, and (optionally) a webcam, you can record your PowerPoint presentation and capture narrations, slide timings, and ink gestures.

    After you have made the recording, it's like any other presentation that can be played for you or your audience in Slide Show—or you can save the presentation as a video file. Learn more...

    Slide Narration


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