Mountain Brook Enrichment

All Mountain Brook Schools share the same purpose of providing an effective, challenging and engaging education for every one of our students.

In Mountain Brook Schools, we give all students access to engaging opportunities to help them reach their full potential in every aspect. Each classroom teacher differentiates for individual needs and works to ignite a passion and instill a love for lifelong learning. We build individual relationships that are meaningful, respectful and genuine. These relationships help strengthen our learning organizations and community as a whole.


We have an enrichment blog that is another tool to help engage and challenge every student in the elementary schools of Mountain Brook and serve as a platform for students to share ideas, projects, build relationships and ask questions every single day. This tool provides activities, videos, links, documents and ideas that can be incorporated into daily classroom activities, unique homework or an exciting adventure at home.  We also provide resources to teachers and students in the classroom, co-teach, work with small groups and plan whole class lessons for different grade levels.

PAGE services are used for some of our students who think in abstract and unique ways.  They may require different types of projects, challenges and needs than other students.  So, we serve the needs of these students by pulling them from their classroom to address these needs with peers who think similarly.  Teachers typically refer students for services, but parents may refer.  Please see the link for PAGE and PAGE PROCESS for more information.


It is our intent to have every teacher and learner in MBS be empowered to share in a safe and accepting format that truly encourages exploration, discovery and collaboration with a new generation of students.

JUNA (Junior United Nations Assembly of Alabama) is a wonderful United Nations Mock Trial Team tradition for our 6th grade students.  JUNA is open for all 5th grade students to apply for their 6th grade school year and a committee makes decisions for teams based on student applications, grades, behavior, and  motivation.  Please visit the JUNA link for more information.  

Please feel to contact me to share ideas or ask questions.  We are so excited to start off this school year with an exciting collaborative tool for all students in MBS and right at home at BWF! Please see contact information below.

Brookwood Forest Elementary-Mrs. Katy Caughran