• Grade Calculations

    The MBS school year is divided into quarters.  Progress Reports can be viewed at any time through the iNow Parent Home Portal as well as report card grades. Transcripts are availale upon request.


    1st Nine Weeks – 40%                                                                           3rd Nine Weeks – 40%

    2nd Nine Weeks – 40%                                                                          4th Nine Weeks – 40%

    Semester Exam – 20%                                                                            Semester Exam – 20%

    Semester Course Average                                                                   Semester Course Average



    MBS calculates two GPAs.  The unweighted GPA includes all courses a student has completed.  The weighted GPA includes only academic courses and gives additional points for advanced or AP classes.  Academic courses are listed below.  GPAs are available at the end of each semester;  final GPA is computed at the end of 8 semesters. Both the weighted and unweighted GPAs are included on a student’s transcript.

    The courses listed below will be used to compute weighted grade point average (GPA).  On the weighted 100-point numerical system, ten points are added to final grades earned in AP classes; five points are added to final grades earned in advanced classes.  (Example:  English AP=90.  This grade of 90 will appear on the transcript as the raw and unweighted grade.  The computer will add ten points to the grade so that it will be computed as 100. English Advanced=90.  The computer will add five points so that it will be computed as 95, but once again, the raw, unweighted grade of 90 will appear on the transcript).  An extra point will be added on the 4.0 scale for AP courses, and 0.5 point will be added on the 4.0 scale for advanced courses for college application purposes.


    A=5.0 (AP)

    B=4.0 (AP)

    C=3.0 (AP)

    D=1.0 (AP)

    A=4.5 (Adv)

    B=3.5 (Adv)

    C=2.5 (Adv)

    D=1.0 (Adv)

    A=4.0 (Reg)

    B=3.0 (Reg)

    C=2.0 (Reg)

    D=1.0 (Reg)


    Students who plan to attend highly selective or competitive colleges are encouraged to challenge themselves with a rigorous curriculum consisting of Advanced and AP courses according to their ability.  Completion of these courses is a significant factor in the college admissions decision.

    If you have any further questions regarding GPA, please see a counselor.






    English 9,10,11,12 (Reg, Adv, AP) Creative Writing


    Public Speaking Women’s Literature Writing Enhancement

    Social Studies

    World History 1500 to the Present (Reg, Adv.) U.S. History to 1877 (Reg, Adv.)

    U.S. History 1877 to the Present

    U.S. History AP

    United States Government (Reg, AP) Economics (Reg, AP)



    Critical Film Studies

    Contemporary Issues

    Twentieth Century World Affairs

    European History

    AP World Geography

    AP Comparative Governments


    Algebra I

    *Algebra I-A/*Algebra I-B Algebra II (seniors only)

    Algebra II with Trigonometry(Reg, Adv)

    *Algebraic Connections Geometry (Reg, Adv) PreCalculus (Reg, Adv) Discrete Math

    Statistics (AP)

    Calculus (Reg, AP-AB, AP-BC)


    Anatomy & Physiology (Reg, Adv) Biology (Reg, Adv, AP)

    Chemistry (Reg, Adv, AP) Chemistry II

    Physics (Reg, AP-B, AP-C) Environmental Science (Reg, AP) Physical Science

    Forensic Science

    Marine Science

    Foreign Languages

    All foreign languages (Reg, Adv, AP)

    Fine Arts

    Art AP

    Professional Studies

    Business Principles & Management

    Accounting Principles Advanced Accounting Business Law

    Personal & Business Finance

    Computer Science Principles

    Other Elective

    Ancient Philosophy

    Classical Mythology


     Based on NCAA regulations the following courses would NOT be considered academic:


    Debate/Forensics Reading Journalism

     Social Studies

    Critical Film Studies

    Fine Arts

    This includes all Art, Band, Choral, Photography, and Theatre classes.


    TV Production, Classical Mythology


    Accounting Principles, Advanced Accounting ,Business Law, Management Principles,

    Business Technology I & II, Personal & Business Finance, Career Focus,

    Career Co-op

    A student who is interested in participating in college athletics should see the college advisor regarding details of high

    school course requirements and NCAA application early in the high school career.

    *Please be advised that the NCAA only grants ½ credit each for Algebra I-A, Algebra I-B, and Algebraic Connections.