• Hello Parents!!  My name is LeeAnne Logan, School Nurse at MBE.  I look forward to taking care of the special health needs of your children.  I am on campus during school hours so if your child has any health concerns feel free to visit, email,( loganl@mtnbrook.k12.al.us)  or call me at 871-8191 ext. 7409.  My office is on the main hall right across from Mrs. Brown's 2nd grade classroom. My goal is to promote optimal wellness in the school environment, thus enhancing student learning.
      I'm looking forward to a happy and healthy year at MBE!! 
    If your child needs medication at school,  you may download the Provider Parent Authorization form from the Documents Section. You will need to fill it out and sign it for "Over the Counter " medications.   For prescription medications, your physician/pediatrician will need to complete and sign the form before medication can be administered.  All medication must be current, labeled, and in original manufacturer's container.  Please NO PILLS IN A ZIPLOCK BAG!!
     School Nurse