• Beginning April 6, 2020, Please check this page for the BWF School Library for the Specials Flex Time For Library Classes. Thank you.

    If you want to ask a question or just say hi, please send e-mail to lackeyc@student.mtnbrook.k12.al.us  or  hargrovek@student.mtnbrook.k12.al.us  

    Do not worry about library books.  They are not overdue.  If your books are at home, put them in a safe place until we ask you to return them.

    If they are at school, they are safe in a classroom, cubbie or locker. We will let you know in May what is checked out in your name.

    You might want to obtain a library card to the Emmet O'Neal Library. They are called e-library cards and are good for 60 days.  If you already own a card then remember your community library is a great place for resources for both you and the students. 

    On your classLink page you will see a World Book Online icon.  You will receive a note from your homeroom teacher by the end of the week that will give you a log in ID and password so you can use the World Book Enclclopedia. Make sure you hit ENTER on your keyboard rather than the sign in boxes.  I like the icon with the balloon once you have gotten into this encyclopedia. 

    Emmet O'neal Summer Reading Program Info Click Here to watch video