• This is a coed service club designed primarily to assist new students and their families in becoming familiar with and involved in school activities. The club will also render other services to the school and community as needed. 

    Members are selected in late March or early April of each year on the basis of a written application, student resume, review of disciplinary violations, review of attendance records, three current teacher recommendations, and the top scores from a panel of judges (consisting of a committee of Mountain Brook High School teachers).
    Existing members must re-apply each year, and selections will include the attendance of mandatory and non-mandatory events over the past year.  Students running for offices will need to prepare a speech explaining qualifications, etc. to present at the first meeting.  The elections will are held during the first club meeting after selection of new members. 
    Congratulations to the 2019-2020 Ambassadors (in no particular order):
    Seniors: Tessa Allen, Isabel Elkus, Claire Chester, Jessica Brouillette, Anna Lauren Summers, Kate Amberson, Lauren Sklar, Liz Vandervelde, Grace Bowers, Bebe Holloway, Amelia Moffatt, Mary Grace Lorino, Forest Whatley, William Watts, Lil Balogh, Jack Cushman, Harrison Hodges, Lillie Young, Cooper Cashio, Isabella Long, Ann Griswald,
    Margie Cashio, Turner Cole, Georgia Stewart, Mary Katherine Fowlkes, Alison Gaston, Frances Lyons, Salter Hydinger
    Juniors: Laurel Hand, Betsy Lambert, Garrett Long, Lillian Pitman, Grayson Smith, Annie LaRussa, Kennedy Stewart, Megan Lee, Catherine Taylor, Ellie Hamilton,
    Adam Williamson, Falcon Wiles, Caroline Kracke, Campbell Swing 
    ***Please mark your calendar for the MANDATORY meeting on Wednesday, April 10, 2019 from 3:30-4:15 in room 305.  If you plan on running for one of the 5 officer positions (listed below), you must be present at the meeting and be ready to present a 30 second to one minute speech stating why you want this position and how you qualify for it.  We will vote after all speeches are presented, and the results will be posted by Friday, April 12.  Please notify me PRIOR to the meeting, not the day of,  if you cannot attend for reasons beyond your control. 
    Topics to be discussed at the meeting are as follows:
    Speeches and voting for club officers, dues, attire (formal and informal, name tags), expectations, responsibilities, Group Me sign up, and upcoming events to work
    Ladies, please be searching the internet for choices of dresses to discuss for our formal wear and bring those ideas to the meeting. (Belk, Macy's, JCPenny's, etc.)
    Gentlemen, if you are interested in changing the tie we currently wear, please go to tiemart.com and bring some choices to the meeting as well.
    Congratulations, and I look forward to meeting you all! Woot!
    Co-President - 
    Co-President - 
    Secretary - 
    Parliamentarian - 
    Historian - 
    Ambassadors sponsor:
    Julie Kash
    205-414-3800 (7761)
    Room 305