• This is a coed service club designed primarily to assist new students and their families in becoming familiar with and involved in school activities. The club will also render other services to the school and community as needed. 

    Members are selected in late March or early April of each year on the basis of a written application, review of disciplinary violations, review of attendance records, and the top scores from a panel of judges (either consisting of a committee of Mountain Brook High School teachers or qualified teachers from the surrounding Over the Mountain schools).
    Existing members must re-apply each year, and selections will include the attendance over the past year.  Students running for offices will need to prepare a speech explaining qualifications, etc.  The elections will are held during the first club meeting after selection of new members. 
    Congratulations to the 2018-2019 Ambassadors:
    Emily Henderson, Maddie Usdan, Anna Elizabeth Byrne, Lindsey Best, Katie Baird, Elizabeth Harris, Laura Kate Howell, Mary Margaret Freeland, Sarah Taylor, Jack Steinmetz, Julia Rouleau, Camille Ford, Annalie Malone, Abraham Askenaski, Virginia Grammas, Parker Evans, Zach Shunnarah, Lauren Sklar, Isabel Elkus, William Watts, Ella Grace Bowers, Anna Lauren Summers, Georgia Stewart, Bebe Holloway, Emily Butler, Vann Logan, Alison Gaston, Liz Vandevelde, Lily Cochrane, Salter Hydinger, Jack Cushman, Fraley Williams, Kate Amberson, Tessa Allen, Harrison Hodges, Jessica Brouillette, Forest Whatley, Megan Sumrall, Mary Katherine Fowlkes, and Mary Grace Lorino.

    Co-President - Abraham Askenaski
    Co-President - Sarah Taylor
    Secretary - Fraley Williams
    Parliamentarian - Mary Grace Lorino
    Historian - Mary Katherine Fowlkes
    Ambassadors sponsor:
    Julie Kash
    205-414-3800 (7761)
    Room 305