Module 1: Parking on Campus and Vehicle Searches

  • Watch one video and then read the text below.

    Parking at Mountain Brook Schools




    Every year, MBHS students  are disciplined because  of certain items found in the vehicles they park at school.  The discipline actions may include:
    • being suspended from school,
    • being assigned to the alternative school,
    • and could result in the student being expelled from school.
    Students often believe that the vehicles they drive to and from school and park at school cannot be searched.  This is not the case. School board policies allow school administrators and law enforcement officers to search the vehicles students drive to school.
    Normally, a search occurs when there is good reason to believe that the vehicle contains materials or objects prohibited by law or Board of Education policy. When a student drives to school and parks on campus, he or she consents to the search of that vehicle.  If a student will not consent to search, he or she may not park on campus. Search may include the passenger compartment, engine compartment, trunk and all containers, locked or unlocked, in or on the vehicle.
    During every academic year, school officials invite police personnel to bring specially trained dogs on campus.  These dogs are able to detect traces of drugs and other banned substances in parked vehicles. 

    "Students are responsible for what is in the vehicles they park at school. They must be sure there is nothing in the vehicle that is not allowed on campus."

    Students must be mindful of the contents of vehicles they park at school.  
    All weapons, including “facsimile” weapons such as air guns and toy guns, are banned.  
    Other examples of items found in cars which have led to the disciplining of students include alcohol, empty alcohol containers, drugs, and even the residue of drugs.
    So, if you drive and park to school, remember that the vehicle you drive is subject to search and you are responsible for the contents of that vehicle.  

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