Student Conduct at School Events

  • Please read the following information.
    Through your years at MBHS, you will have the opportunity to participate in many different activities and events that, not only support our school and community, but connect you with your friends and others at the school.

    Your attendance and participation will directly impact the experience you have at Mountain Brook High School.

    Attending and participating in events will connect you to others in the school and will improve relationships and memories that will last long beyond your high school years.

    Please remember that drugs and alcohol have no place at any school event, on or off our campus. Attending an event under the influence of alcohol or drugs is, not only illegal, but compromises your freedom to be a part of our school community.

    You are a part of our Spartan Family, but you make the choices that determine your experience. Take advantage of the opportunities in front of you and you may be surprised at what you will gain!


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