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  • Ranger Trail Tips - 9/3/21

    Posted by Sharon Mumm on 9/3/2021 12:00:00 PM
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  • Ranger Trail Tips - March 16

    Posted by Sharon Mumm on 3/16/2021
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  • Ranger Trail Tips - January 28

    Posted by Sharon Mumm on 1/28/2021
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  • Ranger Trail Tips - January 21

    Posted by Sharon Mumm on 1/21/2021
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  • Ranger Trail Tips - December

    Posted by Sharon Mumm on 12/14/2020
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  • Ranger Trail Tips -- Nov 23-24

    Posted by Sharon Mumm on 11/23/2020
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  • Ranger Trail Tips - Nov 16th - 20th

    Posted by Sharon Mumm on 11/16/2020
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  • Tech Update

    Posted by Sharon Mumm on 10/8/2020

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  • Youtube for Teachers

    Posted by Sharon Mumm on 9/16/2020


    Some of you have noticed that YouTube is not working for teachers like it used to.  YouTube has changed their video rating system and that change has had an impact on your access.  The temporary fix for this is to be sure to select and preview any YouTube videos you want to share with students ahead of time and submit them to this form to have them unblocked (if they are blocked).  YouTube videos that are not blocked on your MBS account need not be submitted.  Only YouTube videos you wish to show for students that are blocked on a TEACHER account need submitting.  Please submit in advance as this will be handled much like the IT Direct Ticket System.  A Coordinator has to go in and unblock each video manually, it is not automatic.  I recommend opening the linked form and adding it to your bookmarks for easy access.  YouTube is and will remain blocked for our students.  I will put a link to this form on my webpage as well.  You might want to bookmark it! 

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  • 8-21-2020 Tech Tidbits

    Posted by Sharon Mumm on 8/21/2020 2:00:00 PM

    Wow!  What a great first few days!  I can’t believe all that we have gotten accomplished in this short time.  


    1. ITdirect – The techs have done a great job of trying to get everything up and running. As a reminder – Put every computer name, service tag, barcode number in the body(Problem field)  on any ITdirects.  It will get your problem resolved faster than if you don’t.  Please don’t send me an email – put it in ITdirect. 
    2. Resource:   Have you seen the new Brainpop Back to School 2020 movie?  It’s a great one to show kids (2-6) to be able to talk through ideas on how to start this year off in this uncertainty. Great for Growth mindset as well.  The graphic organizer allows students to type on it.   On that note – if you can’t login to Brainpop – please let me know.  We are working on getting classes put in so you can assign to students – meanwhile you can show from your account!  10 day Plan
    3. Labels? - any labels with names wrong for Chromebooks and you want them reprinted– please put in Itdirect – I can’t find them in my email. 
    4. Appointment Times: Would your grade level or yourself like some time to work on Schoology or any other topic with Mrs. Mumm – sign up for appointments here – 
    5. Schoology Training Videos from last week – Thanks to Paula Stanbridge for filling in for me – will send her videos from last week that she graciously shared with us in a separate email.
    6. Software: What Software programs are rostered and ready to use??? – As of 8/20 – will keep this updated on my webpage





    Savvus Realize (Math K-5 & Words Their Way)

    Yes – you will need to follow the emailed instructions to setup classes

    Seesaw (PK-6)

    Yes – all classes should be rostered;  K, 1, 3 have meet to setup Class settings with Mrs. Mumm


    Yes – classes from Chalkable have come over – time to link classes (5-6), copy template over and start working on your content – 1 thing for next week


    Working on it from District - Rostered through Classlink & Chalkable

    Typing Agent

    Working on it from District - Rostered through Classlink & Chalkable


    Working on it from District - Rostered through Classlink & Chalkable


    Working on it from District - Rostered through Classlink & Chalkable

    McGraw Hill SS for 5th and 6th Grade

    Students rostered 8/21


    Not yet


    Not yet

    Tynker (6th Grade)

    Not yet

    WeVideo (5th & 6th )

    All returning students – new students – not yet


    All Students & Teachers should have access

    Raz Kids (K-2)

    Lanie Kent rostered – sent info to K-2 teachers

    Core Clicks

    Teachers login and roster their own students

    Social Studies Weekly ( 2-4)

    Individually handled by teachers;  Ann Scott has helped take the lead for rostering students


    Let me know if you are waiting on anything else – reminder no student data goes in any program not approved by Data Governance

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