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Make a Change

Crestline offers “Exploration” where students spend 30 minutes a day for several weeks in a class based on their interest. Children have chosen to work with coding, graphic design, robotics, and more. Last nine weeks, 8 students chose the option called “Make a Change,” where they would make a positive change in the world by following 5 steps inspired by a previous Boosterthon theme: 

  1. Find a Need
  2. Rally a Team
  3. Make a Plan
  4. Launch It
  5. Grit it Out 


Both groups were concerned about the high number of homeless and hungry people in our city. They researched homeless shelters and called some themselves asking for what their specific needs were.


Everett Baxley, Nolen Andrews, Sam Holt, Beckett Beaty, and Tipton Johnson decided to collect donations for Jessie‘s place.


Lulah Bankhead, Blair Ryan and Ann Louise Sullivan decided to collect donations for Firehouse Ministries. 


During the Make a Plan phase, students created a script, flyers, and a digital presentation to present to classes throughout the school. Over 20 teachers signed up for their classes to hear the presentations. Each group presented to multiple grades in the school urging them to contribute to their cause. For two weeks, numerous students of all ages brought in food and hygiene donations. 


Both groups delivered their donations to Firehouse Ministries and Jessie’s Place with a parent and were able to see firsthand how their efforts truly made a positive change in our city!

Make a Change