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CES 5th grade students support Birmingham Police Officer

In late January Mrs. Johnson's 5th grade Science class was doing an egg drop with parachutes. This was to protect the egg from breaking when dropped from a second story. Glen White saw the creativity that the students possessed.  With this, he asked Mrs. Johnson to come up with a challenge to her students to display the shirt in his office in whatever manner they could think of.  She then divided her classes into teams. These teams came to his office, took measurements and drew diagrams. They then came up with about 28 different designs to choose from. It was very difficult for him to choose which design was best, but he finally made my choice. The design he chose had the shirt mounted inside a frame. The frame was wide enough for all of the 5th grade students to sign it. This was special to Glen because it gives him something to remember of each student. I also feel that the students have learned something of what police officers have to face every time they put a uniform on and start a shift. This shirt was sold as a fundraiser  to support the family of Birmingham Police Sergeant WyTasha Carter. Sergeant Carter was killed in the line of duty on Sunday January 13, 2019.


From 2002-2003 Glen White was a Birmingham Police Sergeant working at the same time of night, in the same area looking for  the same types of crime that Sergeant Carter was doing at the time of his death. This shirt will serve as a reminder to me, and to those that visit my office, of  Sergeant Carter's, and his families, ultimate sacrifice as well as those officers that have lost their lives in the line of duty. 

Glen is very proud of the 5th grade and how they have supported him in doing this. One of the thing's that I love about being here is building the relationships with all of the children and staff in the school. The children will hopefully remember what the story is behind this shirt and that police officers are not just somebody in a car looking to arrest them or write a ticket but that they are someone they can trust and go to for help.  I think it also reminds the students that officers have families and lives beyond just when they are working in the capacity of police officer.