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Carpool Procedures



Elm Street Morning Drop off:


Please pull all the way down and unload only on the curbside with a patrol member.  


Drivers do not need to exit the car.  Please come early, before 7:20, if you need to help your student unload projects etc.


Elm Street Pick Up:



On Elm Street, there is no parking beyond the Cross Walk and the roundabout 

on Jackson.


All carpools need last names posted on the passenger dashboard.


Walkers and bikers may not walk or ride down Elm Street due to construction.  All students must use the crosswalk with Mrs. Howell and the Main Street alley instead of Elm.


Only parents picking up carpool need to pulldown on Elm Street.  Please do not get in carpool line if you are picking your students up off campus (Meadowbrook, Main, Jackson) it messes up the students being called to cars.


All students must enter the car's curbside with a patrol member.


Please do not exit the car to pick up your students in the carpool line.  All drivers need to remain in their cars.


West Jackson:


When dropping off students, please pull all the way down without blocking the brick crosswalk.  Students must be dropped off in either the far right curbside lane with patrol members, or drivers must pull past the crosswalk in the far left lane closest to the board.  The crossing guard will help unload students and cross them at the crosswalk.


Students may not exit cars in the middle lane or doors towards the middle lane.  This is a to-go lane only.


 Parents, please face forward when driving and pay close attention to the crossing guards and patrol members to pull down.  


Please ensure students are ready to exit the car upon arrival with backpacks and belongings.


Everyone must cross at the crosswalk and not at the corner by the board of education.


If your students have projects or large items that they need help unloading, please arrive before carpool and unload.  The carpool lanes need to be clear from 7:20-7:50.  If you have items to bring in after 7:20, do not park in the Firelane.  


Please use the carpool line in case of inclement weather with lightning in the area.  Students will not be able to cross at the crosswalk during those times.