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MBE's Teacher of the Year

MBE's Teacher of the Year 2018


We congratulate Mr. Mitchell Nelson on being selected for Mountain Brook Elementary's 2018 Teacher of the Year. Working in Kindergarten, Mr. Nelson is a building leader in the area of technology. He is a Seesaw Ambassador and enjoys teaching peers about parent communication through Seesaw. Other points of pride for Mr. Nelson include: parent communication, relationships he builds with his students, and contributing to other teachers' efficiency.  


Mr. Nelson has been a teacher for 11 years, switching careers to enter the field of education.  He's previously taught third grade but feels most happy teaching Kindergarten.  "Kindergarten is where I'm supposed to be.  Setting the kids on a positive path, a great foundation," says Mr. Nelson. What does he think kids remember most about him after they leave his classroom? "They know that I loved them. They may not realize I helped them learn to read but they remember the time we spent together...Kindergarten relationships don't end because I get to see them in the hallways." 


Being nominated as MBE's teacher of the year means the world to Mr. Nelson.  He says it, "...feels wonderful.  The school as a whole is in the best place it has ever been and you can see the upward trajectory, so to be nominated at this time means a lot." We congratulate Mr. Nelson on this honor!



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