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December Career Spotlight Speakers

Officers Burrow and Horton

Career Spotlight on Evidence Collection

and Crime Scene Investigation

By: Anna Carlisle, School Counselor



Thank you to Officers Burrow and Horton of the Mountain Brook Police Department for joining the Career Speaker Spotlights at MBE! The officers shared how science and math is involved in all aspects of telling the story from a crime scene. They described the three different types of fingerprints and how they find and collect each. Students were able to see the tools they use to find and collect evidence from taking photographs to chemical reactions that help fingerprints become visible. 


An important aspect of their career is lifelong learning. Throughout their conversation they mentioned multiple opportunities they have had to continue their training, increasing their specialties and making them an asset to the department. 


Thank you, Officer Burrow and Officer Horton for spending your time and sharing your knowledge with MBE students!