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Habit of the Month

Habit of the Month

January:  Think Win-Win

The Little Engine That Could

For the month of January the Knights will be facilitating learning about Habit 4, “Think Win-Win.”  Each grade-level will be participating in a read-aloud of the story The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper.  In the story, a little train has to think positively and find a way to travel over the mountain after he breaks down.  The little engine asks other bigger, stronger engines to help as they pass by, but other trains don’t offer any assistance. Finally, a little blue engine comes along and offers to help the broken down engine, even though she’s small.  The little blue engine tells herself that she can help, and she pulls the toys over the mountain to the boys and girls on the other side.  This story shows students that they can think win-win, even in situations that seem overwhelming.


November:  Put First Things First

Clean Your Room, Harvey Moon! Bookcover

For the month of November the Knights will explore Habit Three, “Put First Things First.”  They will be reading the book Clean Your Room, Harvey Moon! by Pat Cummings.  In the story, Harvey wakes up and is excited to enjoy relaxing in front of the TV on a Saturday morning.  Harvey’s mom has other plans for the day. She told him today would be the day he cleans his room. As he completes this daunting task, he is amazed to find items he had lost or didn’t even know he had.  As he cleans, he keeps track of time and worries he might miss some of his favorite shows. He quickly puts a few things away and puts the rest of the items he found under a blanket so that he can get back to the TV.  After he shows his mom his finished work, she gives him lunch and tells him she will help him finish up the rest of his cleaning. This story illustrates how hard work must be finished before truly enjoying relaxation.



October:  Begin with the End in Mind


The Carrot Seed


For the month of October the Knights will be exploring Habit Two, “Begin with the End in Mind.”  They will help facilitate learning during morning meetings by reading aloud the story The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss.  In this story, a boy decides to plant a carrot seed.  Everyone tells him it will not grow. He does the work of watering and weeding everyday, and he knows that his hard work will pay off.  At the end of the story, he sees the benefit of his dedication and he is rewarded with a carrot plant. This story demonstrates how focusing and working towards a goal can pay off.



September:  Be Proactive


The Curious Garden


For the month of September, the Knights will be exploring Habit One, “Be Proactive”  with the MBE community. They will help facilitate learning during morning meeting by reading aloud the story The Curious Garden by Peter Brown.  In this story a young boy named Liam lives in a very dark, gray city.  He discovers a struggling garden and decides to nurse the garden back to health.  After hard work and trial and error, Liam’s garden begins to grow and transform the city to a lush, green environment.  This story illustrates how even young children can take action and make a difference in their community.