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MBE Composts


MBE has a new addition!  A composting bin!  Ms. S. Andrews already has a group of students who run recycling for the entire school and now they have added composting to their green initiative!  


Compost Bin



6th Grade Class Gift


Each year, the outgoing 6th grade class gifts the school with something special and this year was no exception. With all of the movement needed to focus and engage our students, a Sensory Path was purchased and now adorns the hallway on the bottom floor!


A special thanks to Susan Giordano for listening to requests from teachers. Students will love moving their feet in a purposeful way! 


Sensory Path



Collaborative HeART Installation


This year when teachers returned not only had the cafeteria undergone a makeover, but faculty contributed to a collaborative art installation!  Ms. Rettig, our resident art teacher, led the faculty in creating a work of art that really represents the heart of MBE.  Lancers lead from the heart!