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MBE Expressions Winners

MBE 2019-2020 Expressions Winners


Electronic Submission Winners





Maxwell B. - "Sports Stuff With the Whiz Kids"


Thomas M. - "How to Carve a Cube Out of a Block of Ice"


Riley M. - "Voyage to the Past"





Grace T.- "Why Not Me


Grace T. - "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"


Spencer B. - "Mickey Mouse March"


Kasra T. D. - "Etude 13"


Bennett W. - "Amazing Grace on the Ukelele"


Ella P. - "Fall in Love"


Bennett W. - "Bagpipes"


Thomas B. - "Star Wars Theme"


Bianca M. - "Dragon Beats"


Jack R. - "Dream On" by Aerosmith


Callie B.- "I See the Light"


Callie B. - "Joy to the World"


Louise N. - "Speechless"


Sarah O. - "Whirling Leaves" by Edna Mae Burnam


Olivia S. - "Rise Up"


Olivia S. - "Christmas Time is Here"


Indira L. - "Happy Birthday"


Sally M. - "Why Not Escape to a Whole New World"




Winners by Grade





Sara H.

William H.

Bronson C.

Ann F.

Grace T.

Davis B.

Spencer B.

Hazel M.

Annie B. 



First Grade


 Murray R.  

Ann T.

Spencer B. 

Gloria G.

Reese S. 

Bennett W.

Saskia J.

Reese M. 

Kassra T. 



Second Grade 


Eliza B. 

Ella P.

Sophia H.

Betty B.

Charlotte C.

Thomas B.



Third Grade 


Bo A.

Graham B.

Butler T.

Riley M. 

Jack R. 

Maxwell B.

Louise N. 

Mac W. 

Owen W. 

Frank A. 

Caroline P. 

Andrew T. 



Fourth Grade


Bianca M.

Celia H.

Thomas M.

Callie B. 

Sophie C.

Kaitlyn J.

Olivia A. 

Ann C.

Stephen B. 



Fifth Grade


Meriwether B.

Cate A.

Sarah O.

Indira L.

Lulu G.

Olivia S.

Lee F.

Jack M. 

Clarke G.

Hammer S.

Ellie G. 

 Julia M.

Sally M. 

Luke W. 



Sixth Grade


Mary F.

McCarley M.

Charlotte M.

Sophie H.

Eva W.

Meagher T.  



Congratuations to all our students who submitted!