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Chicken Day

Staff Redefines an MBJH Tradition

Chicken Day is a tradition at MBJH that has been around many years.  Each Wednesday, students, faculty, staff, and sometimes former employees, join in the lunchroom to feast on chicken tenders, fried chicken, grilled chicken, broccoli casserole, potatoes, and other great sides.  The MBJH cafeteria staff always does a great job, and Wednesdays are historically the most special.


“I always bring my lunch to school … except on Wednesdays,” says assistant principal Brook Gibbons. 


Up to this point, “Chicken Wednesday” is one of the few things that has avoided disruption due to the novel coronavirus.  With the updates to the new ReOpening Plan, Wednesdays are now considered Virtual Days.  Students will only be on campus should they need extra help from their teachers, which means there will be no need to serve lunch on Wednesdays.  


“I’m really not sure what to do,” said MBJH teacher James Salvant.  “I mean, I am a big fan of the virtual world, but not having Chicken Wednesday is a lot to get used to.”


Fortunately for the MBJH family Chicken Day will live on, but instead on Thursdays.


“Chicken Day is really about the people more than it is about a particular day,” said MBJH Principal Donald Clayton.  “I would hate for us to lose sight of the fact that the chicken is what’s special, not so much the day.”  


There are a few individuals curious as to how a Chicken Thursday will affect the population.


“People like to eat well on the weekends,” said MBJH teacher Bobby Plummer. “So I am eager to see if people will continue to dive into the chicken spread on Thursday knowing that 48 hours later they may find themselves at a buffet or Saturday afternoon cookout.”  


Chicken Day has only been changed once in the history of the school’s Wednesdays.  It was shifted to a Thursday to accommodate a large number of students who planned to attend a Final Four basketball game on Wednesday.  


“I think it was 6-7 years ago, before I got here,” said assistant principal Derek Kennedy.  Mr. Clayton was young and I’m sure thought it would be fine to make a slight adjustment to Chicken Day.  From what I hear, it was not well received when four former staff members visited campus and only found square pizza.  Yikes.”


Regardless of day, MBJH is hopeful that this new Chicken Day will be just as successful.


Gary Hays, MBJH Cafeteria Manager, said “We are confident in our team here at the Spartan Cafe.  Wednesday, Thursday, Monday, in the parking lot, on the moon … it doesn’t really matter to us.  We’re going to produce a quality Chicken Day whenever and wherever.”