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Mountain Brook Elementary School

Mountain Brook Elementary School is currently accepting applications for a School Nurse position.







TITLE:  School Nurse


REPORTS TO:  The School Administrator, District Lead Nurse, Director of Student Services, Superintendent.


JOB GOAL:  To strengthen and facilitate the educational process by improving and promoting the optimal health of students and staff.



  • Must be a graduate from an accredited school of nursing and possess a current license to practice as an RN from the Alabama Board of Nursing (ABN).
  • Must possess current BLS certification.
  • Must have at least three to five years of experience in school nursing, pediatrics, public health or acute care setting.
  • A Bachelor’s degree in Nursing or Education preferred.



  1. Promotes and protects the optimal health status of students.
  2. Performs medical procedures within the defined limits of the Alabama Nurse Practice Act.
  3. Provides health assessments.
  • Obtains and evaluates a health history on students identified with special health needs.
  • Provides and evaluates health screenings, such as vision, hearing, scoliosis, etc according to health policies and procedures.
  • Observes the students for developmental, behavioral and health patterns in making nursing assessments and educational plans.
  1. Develops, implements and evaluates health plans for students.
  • Develops Individualized Health Plans (IHP) and Emergency Action Plans (EAP) for students with chronic health conditions as indicated.
  • Initiates referral to parents, school personnel and community health resources for intervention, remediation and follow through as indicated.
  • Provides on-going health consultation with students, parents, school personnel and health agencies.
  • Utilizes existing health resources to provide appropriate care of students.
  1. Administers medications to students and delegates to unlicensed, trained personnel as needed according to guidelines established by the ABN and Alabama State Department of Education.
  2. Participates as the health team specialist on the child education evaluation team to develop the Individual Education Plan (IEP).
  3. Provides support with medically fragile students as needed.
  4. Promotes and assists in the control of communicable disease.
  • Monitoring student’s immunization status according to current the State of Alabama Immunization Law.
  • Early detection, surveillance and reporting of contagious diseases.
  • Promoting the use of standard precautions by all school staff.
  1. Serves as a resource for health education. Assists with staff development through workshops, institutes, faculty meetings, and individual conferences.
  2. Provides health counseling for staff and promotes staff wellness programs.
  3. Maintains appropriate documentation related to medications and health room visits, with electronic medical records in accordance with the Alabama Nurse Practice Act.
  4. Engages in continuous quality improvement in the evaluation of the school health services.
  5. Communicates accurately and effectively with students, parents, staff and community protecting student privacy and maintaining confidentiality.
  6. Engages in continuous quality improvement in the evaluation of the school health services.
  7. Attends professional meetings for professional development, according to established Board of Nursing policy and district requirements.
  8. Performs other duties as needed


TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:  Nine months – 189 days