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All In Mountain Brook - All In a Minute August Video

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MB Parents,

This school year, in addition to our annual workshops and conferences, we are building a new website with a wealth of information and resource offerings, as well as creating a series of short, educational videos called ALL IN A MINUTE.  Our ALL IN A MINUTE videos will come to you once a month via email. Each month, our videos will feature a different topic and are designed to be a brief introduction to an issue that affects our youth today - such as stress, relationships, technology, alcohol and drug awareness, the importance of sleep… and many more.  Each monthly video will be supported on our website with additional information and resources. The idea behind these videos is that it only takes a minute to learn something new that might help our youth, our families and our community stay safe, happy and healthy.

Our August video focuses on providing information and resources about bullying and how to report situations that may arise.

ALL IN A MINUTE Bullying Video

Please join us for more information on the topic of bullying at