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Community Crisis Line

Crisis Line

Mountain Brook Crisis Line

Mountain Brook Schools, the City of Mountain Brook, and ALL IN Mountain Brook have partnered together to provide a local crisis line for our community. With increased trends in anxiety, depression, and mental health needs, national and local resources have quickly become overwhelmed. Wait times for national hotline numbers are not conducive to individuals who need help quickly. The Mountain Brook Crisis Line is a help line that can be accessed 24 hours/day, 7 days/week to help support you or your child are navigating some of life’s most challenging times. This crisis line is supported by trained crisis counselors who work to support, de-escalate, and provide local resources to the caller. In the event of imminent danger, the Crisis Counselor is connected to local dispatch services and can help our local departments conduct wellness checks that may prove to be life-saving.


The Mountain Brook Crisis Line can be accessed via text, call, or webchat (coming soon). As the caller, the individual controls what information is shared with the crisis counselor. Mountain Brook Schools may serve as a resource to connect parents to resources should the crisis line be utilized by a minor student.


The Mountain Brook Crisis Line is active and available for all Mountain Brook residents. The line can be reached by calling 205-92SAVES or texting 205-927-2837.