1. Request for Additional PowerSchool Permissions

On a case-by-case basis, administrators may deem it necessary to allow specific staff members access to student educational records not normally available to them. By policy, such access must be reviewed and approved by the Data Governance Committee. The administrator shall make the request using the Request for Permissions form linked below.  If the request is approved, the Student Data Confidentiality Agreement should be signed for each request as required on the form.  If permissions are requested for ALL teachers, the principal may use the term ALL Teachers in lieu of an individual form for each staff member.

  1. The Administrator or Administrator's Designee should click on the link for the Request for Permissions form and fill the form out online.  You should get confirmation that the form has been submitted.
  2. If the school administrator  chooses to have the person needing the additional permissions complete the form or a designee complete the form,  The school administrator will be asked to confirm approval via email.  Please reach out to your local technology coordinator for assistance in completing the form if you have questions.
  3. The Data Governance Committee will review the request and approve, deny, or ask for additional information.
  4. A copy of the completed request after review and with the solution included will be emailed to the requesting school administrator.  
  5. The requesting administrator or administrator's designee should make sure that the staff member has a current signed Student Confidentiality Form on file.