Signing in to a Chromebook - Wireless Network and Google Account

In order to use a Mountain Brook Chromebook, a user signs in to the wireless network and to their MB Google account.
1 Wireless Network:
If you are a Mountain Brook Schools employee or student, you will choose the school network wireless (example: MBEnetwork, CESnetwork, BOEnetwork, etc.) and use your network username and password. This stays logged in for 10 hours. When you finish using the device, force the wireless logout by going to your school's webpage and selecting the Wireless Logout link. This is very important so that the next user is not logged in as you to the wireless.
2.  Google Account:
Once you are signed into a Mountain Brook Wireless Account you will need to sign in to your Mountain Brook Google Account.   Please use your full Google account ID (i.e. and your network password. 
Google Signin