Classroom-Add an Assignment for your Class

1. At, signed in as the Teacher, open your Class that you created.
2. Click on Assignment and choose the options for your assignment. 
3. You can attach a Google Drive item. When you attach the item, you will be given an option of:
  • Students can view file
  • Student can edit file
  • Make a copy for each student 

4. Each student who has joined your class with the class code you provide for them, will receive the assignment in his/her Classroom.

5. The student will click to Open the assignment. Depending on you instructions, the student will type on the file you provided or create a new document. When the student completes the assignment, the student will click the Turn it in button. The student will not be able to work on that document until the teacher "returns it".
6. The teacher will see the assignment as Done in her classroom. The teacher clicks on the student's "turned in" assignment and can comment on it. Then she can click to select the assignment, give it a grade, and click the Return button to "return it" to the student. Then the student can see the "returned" assignment with comments and grade.