How to Share and Collaborate

How to Share and Collaborate.
It is very easy to share a document and have others view, edit, or share.
Great way for teachers to work together on a document or students work together on a project.
There are different ways to share and you want to make sure you select share options to accomplish what you intend.
Lets start by sharing a DOC
  • Click the GRID, access DRIVE and open a NEW DOC
  • Give it a name
  • Type a little on the page (Google auto saves)
Now - lets share. 
  • With the document open - click the SHARE button, right corner
  • Click the ADVANCED link to get full access.
  • Notice you can let anyone with the link have access, you can also select view or edit.
  • If you select EDIT - any editors can allow other editors.
 Google Share 2