-------------------- Local School Coordinators --------------------


TITLE: Local School Technology Coordinator

REPORTS TO:  Principal and Director of Technology

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:  10 months minimum; 12 months preferred


  • Strong technical skills with a degree in education or work experience in an educational setting involving extensive use of technology, involvement in technology integration, and delivery of technology rich professional development
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to work with people of all ages and levels of technical skills while maintaining a positive and patient attitude
  • Well informed, efficient, and effective in selecting, using, and troubleshooting various technological devices and internally based and cloud based applications.


  • Provide necessary data for short term and long term planning
  • Enter and monitor local school technical support requests involving voice, video, data, software, and hardware
  • Maintain local inventory and assist the district technology office with purchases (system database maintained by district office)
  • Manage local technology budget
  • Administer technology related surveys and evaluate results data provided by district office
  • Attend weekly technology coordinator meetings
  • Attend local school meetings
  • Maintain current information concerning student access (technology resource agreements signed by students and parents)
  • Stay current in new and emerging technologies and uses of  technology in your school, in the state, and in other “top” schools across the country
  • Install and/or maintain software applying current updates, uploading users, and making configuration changes where applicable
  • Meet with teachers to plan, discuss, and integrate technology resources into the instructional environment
  • Assist teachers in the development of  technology infused lessons
  • Model teaching (involving the use of technology resources) that is engaging, effective, and challenging
  • Provide staff with instructional resources including hand-outs, one-on-one training, videos, and/or web based resources to assist in the use of and integration of technology
  • Plan and implement technology-enriched workshops after school, during department/grade level meetings, embedded and/or during the summer
  • Serve as the local school webmaster though individual staff are responsible for his/her own web pages
  • Monitor local and web storage when applicable
  • Add,  maintain, and troubleshoot student user accounts as directed by the technology director
  • Install and configure software
  • Report network, Internet access, hardware, and e-mail problems to district office
  • Assist district to maintain virus free environment
  • Respond in a timely fashion to requests and inquiries submitted via IT Direct, e-mail, voice mail, or in person from local school users
  • Assist staff with hardware use, connectivity, and/or problems including, but not limited to, computer workstations; laptops; handheld devices; printers; scanners; digital cameras; projection devices; video filming, editing and production equipment; data projectors; document cameras; InterWrite Pads, DVD/VCRs; cable access; and network access
  • Assist staff with software selections and usage

 EVALUATION: Performance will be evaluated in accordance with Board policies on evaluation of professional personnel.