Remote Control Features

  1.  Power button
  2. Computer button (cycle through connections)
  3. Video button (cycle through connections)
  4. Numeric buttons (enter numbers)
  5. Auto button (automatically adjust position, tracking)
  6. Aspect button
  7. Num button (when held down, switches numeric button)
  8. Menu button (accesses projector menu)
  9. Arrow button (move through on-screen options and control wireless functions.
  10. Enter button
  11. User button
  12. Page up/down
  13. E-Zoom +/- (zooms in and out)
  14. A/V Mute (turns off picture and sound)
  15. Strap attachment point
  16. Help button
  17. Freeze button (stop video action)
  18. Volume up/down buttons (adjust speaker volume)
  19. Pointer button (activities on-screen pointer)
  20. Esc button (cancels/exits function)
  21. Pen Mode button
  22. Color Mode
  23. MHL Menu (displays setting for MHL device)
  24. LAN button
  25. USB button
  26. Source Search