Using Interactive Features at the Board

In order to use interactive tools at the board (LAPTOP):
1. If your laptop is plugged in to the projector wall plate, unplug it.
2. Turn on projector and laptop.
3. On laptop, launch the EasyMP Network Projection Software in Start/All Programs/Epson.
4. Choose Advanced Connection.
5. Click to do a Manual Search. Type in the projector's name or IP Address. Wait until it finishes searching.
6. Your projector appears in the list. Select the projector, and click Connect.
7. On laptop, launch the EasyMP Interactive ToolsSoftware in Start/All Programs/Epson.
8. The Command toolbar and the Interactive/Annotation toolbar will appear on the board. You can use your finger or the provided Epson pens to annotate and interact (control the laptop) at the board.
(DESKTOP) Desktops do not connect via the LAN, so they have to be plugged in to a projector wall plate via VGA or HDMI and a USB cable. If you are in a classroom, using a desktop to connect to the projector, you will simply launch the EasyMP Interactive Tools or other Interactive software on your desktop.