Installation & Settings for Epson 595wi

Epson Interactive Projector 595wi Coordinator Quick Steps Overview for Collaborative Space:

*If you are in a classroom setting, you may use a desktop instead of a laptop.

Installing & Setting Up:

  1. Mark the wall where the board will be and the projector. Make sure there is enough space above board for mounting. Do Maintenance request for mounting board if local. (If purchased from company, the cost most likely included installation of board.) We need 10 inches above board for mount. If mounting in room for elementary, mount the board low. Keep in mind the reach height of users. There is a 1 inch requirement below FTU before image.

  2. Do Maintenance Direct for power in ceiling above each projector and for mounting a locally purchased board.

  3. If two projectors in the room, purchase a VGA cable long enough to run from projector 1 to projector 2 to clone projectors. To mirror the image from Epson projector 1 to projector 2: on projector menu, choose extended/operation/monitor out port, change to computer 2 on receiving projector. On the sending projector, you do nothing because the default is monitor out. You will only be able to mirror when laptop is connected via VGA or HDMI to projector 1. If connected through LAN via IP, it will not clone to the other projector.

  4. Do IT for:

    • network jack in ceiling above each projector.

    • wall plate for new projector. If you will ever use the second projector in the room NOT cloned, do IT for additional wall plate for laptop 2 connection. Wall plate will have HDMI and VGA (and USB-if connecting to a desktop).

    • installing projector and connecting the projector to the LAN. Know your IP address. In projector menu: Network

  5. Load software on laptop. (2 CDs come with Epson. The software is also in 1-Tech Coord Google Handouts folder in Epson Projector folder and at this site:  You need to install: EasyMP Network Projection, EasyMP Interactive Tools, & EasyMP MultiPC Display. Additionally you may want to install Promethean or Interwrite—local decision.)

  6. If you are not connected wirelessly from laptop to wired LAN projector, you  do NOT need a USB to do interactivity. Desktop will have to have  USB. Purchase cable to connect USB to computer and USB projector wall plate port (male to male) in order to interact with laptop and interactive software on laptop. Note: (The pens for annotation will work without USB on projected image and without launching any software on the computer. There is a set of tools that are on the Epson projector that automatically appear that allow annotation. These are NOT the interactive at board tools.)

  7. Make Epson iProjection app available for download. The Epson app will allow iPhones and iPads to connect to the projector through the projector’s IP address.

  8. Provide a 1/8 sound cable from laptop to microphone aux jack for sound from laptop to sound system. HDMI connection does project sound to projector. You can turn that option off. Tools/Set options/audio output and turn off sound to projector.

  9. Do projector settings for projector to work wirelessly and name projector. Set password to control the projecting of others. Know the IP address for the projector. Note: Make sure your projector is connected to your wired network using the LAN port.

  1. On the projector remote, go to Network/Network Configuration/Basic. Select the following basic options as necessary: Projector Name lets you enter a name up to 16 alphanumeric characters long to identify the projector over the network; PJLink Password lets you enter a password up to 32 alphanumeric characters long for using the PJLink protocol for projector control; Web Control Password lets you enter a password up to 8 alphanumeric characters long for accessing the projector over the web. (Default user name is EPSONWEB; default password is admin.); Projector Keyword lets you turn on a security password to prevent access to the projector by anyone not in the room with it. You must enter a displayed, randomized keyword from a computer using the EasyMP Network Projection software to access the projector. Note: Use the displayed keyboard to enter the name, passwords and keyword. Press the arrow buttons on the remote control to highlight characters and press Enter to select them.

  2. Select the Wired LAN menu/IP Settings. Select your IP Settings as necessary:
    If you must set addresses manually, turn off DHCP and enter the projector's IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Gateway Address as needed. To prevent display of the IP address on the standby screen, turn off IP Address Display.

  3. When you finish selecting settings, select Complete and follow the on-screen instructions to save your settings and exit the menus.


  1. To be able to use the Interactive Tools at the board: On laptop launch the Easy MP Network Projection found in All Programs/Epson. Do a manual search for the projector by projector name or IP address. Connect.

    • To display multiple devices to projector, and allow the teacher to be the moderator, BUT NOT have Interactivity, launch the Easy MP Multi-Display Epson software found in All Programs/Epson. Do a manual search for the projector by projector name or IP address. Join (if teacher) as moderator.

  2. On the laptop launch the Easy Interactive Tools Epson software. (You may need to turn off some Windows and Microsoft touch features, so it won’t interfere with the software.) *Video on using Interactive Tools -

More Information:

  1. EMP Monitor utility --download from website. Free software to monitor all projectors.

  2. Online remote through IP --Type in IP address of projector into your web browser--once you get the second window after logging in-default username and password in notes; then drag the favorite from favorites bar to desktop.

  3. 4 ways to use the projector:

    1. pc free--no source. You can use finger on the blue screen or you can tap triangle and choose (Internal toolbar). Q-should we connect doc cam to wall plate directly to the projector. You can set a button to be associated with pc mode. In menu choose a source to be pc free (annotation). 2 can write simultaneously. You can go back or forward one step only. Use paper tool to change background to notebook paper or grid paper or black board. You have these annotation tools on the board. You can use the tools on bottom to change source.

    2. pc+ annotate--connect the PC to the projector and annotate on top of whatever is on the computer screen using tools that are loaded on Epson. Just tap the board with finger or pen.

    3. remote mouse + annotation--Must connect the PC to the projector using EasyMP Network Projection and launch the EasyMP Interactive software on the PC --you can set options to make tools pop up automatically.  If mouse button is selected, your finger or pen is a select tool. If not, your finger or pen is a writing tool. The arrow lets you select things you have drawn. You can to to whiteboard mode using  command bar.

    4. Multi-pc projection with moderator-Must connect to the PC using EasyMP Mutli-PC Display. You will have use of the Epson annotative tools but even if you launch EasyMP Interactive, the interactivity will not work.