Add a Photo-Gallery Page

 1. Sign in to Schoolwires with your network username and password.
 2. Click Site Manager.
 3. Navigate to a section workspace.
 4. Click New Page. The Available Page Types window displays.
 5. Scroll down and click Photo-Gallery. The Add Photo-Gallery Page window displays.
 6. Enter a Page Name.
 7. Click Save, and Click on the Page Name containing the app.
 8. Click Let’s Get Started. The Photo-Gallery App window displays.
 9. Click Upload Photos. The Upload Photos window opens.
10. Click Browse.
11. Browse to the image file you wish to upload.
12. Click Open.
13. Continue until all images are selected. Use CTRL or SHIFT and click to select multiple files.
14. Click Upload.
15. Sort or Edit your images if desired.
16. To add a description, click the image name or Edit, enter the description and click Save.
17. Click Publish.