Make a page viewable by certain groups (with login).

1. Sign in to Schoolwires and go to your Site Manager.
2. Navigate to your section where you have added a page that you want to be viewed by only a select group of users.
3. Click the Actions button to the right of the page and choose Set Viewers.
4. Select the Assign Group button.
5. Click in the search box and choose your school, your group and then click the Select button next to the group to give that group rights to view your webpage when they are logged in.
6. Click the Add button and Save.
(If you want to give individuals viewing rights, you would click the Assign User instead of Assign Group button in number 4 above and type in the user's last name to find and select the user.) 
7. The users you selected will ONLY be able to view your page when they are signed in to our Schoolwires webpage.