Getting Started

1.    Add the Swivl app to your iPad/iPhone. Create your Swivl account and sign in to your account.

2.     In iPad Settings, turn on Bluetooth.

3.    On Swivl robot base, press and hold the sync button.

4.    In iPad Settings/Bluetooth, click to pair the iPad with the Swivl that now appears in the Bluetooth list.

5.    Turn on receiver and put on your neck. (The receiver lives in the back of the swivl robot. It must be put back in that location and Swivl based plugged in to charge the base and the receiver.)

6.    Open the Swivl app on the iPad.

7.    Press record on Swivl app or on the receiver.

8.    The recorded video will go to the Swivl app.

9.    On the Swivl app, in the menu, click the cloud symbol next to each video clip to upload your video to your account's cloud space. It will stay in the cloud for 8 days giving you time to log in to your Swivl account on your computer and download the movie to your permanent storage.