Student Jobs

›Student Jobs: Discuss with your students how will you take turns in the various jobs.


  • ›Class Reporter—announcements/upcoming events—use a voice recording app like voice recorder to record information, OR use a video recording app like Vidiolicious or jut the camera app on video.  Then: A. Add the sound file to your webpage. B. Email the sound file to parents. C. Plug in the iPad to your sound system and play for students at the end of the class.
  • ›Weather Person—use a weather app like accuweather free, the weather channel (free) or kidweather (1.99) and let the student find and report the weather
  • ›Class Photographer—use the camera app and take pictures of what is happening in the class or student work.
  • ›App Instructor—when introducing an app, have a student be the “driver” for your instruction with ipad attached to projector, OR let the student know ahead of time and let him instruct.
  • ›Class Reviewer—use an app like showme or educreations—make sure the app is logged in to the generic class account. Have a student demo/explain a concept learned in class that day. You could have specific curriculum reviewers for more jobs. Math is a good curriculum for this job. Other ideas—anything you have to diagram or explain. The student can take a picture or draw while he talks.