iPads in Center or Small Group Time

›Center or Small Group Time in Class: Demonstrate to the students the curriculum apps that will help students learn a concept. Perhaps introduce (whole group) one app each week. Then when it is iPad Center or Small Group time, the students can use any app that you have demonstrated. A quick way to find an app is to do a Google search, search in the app store, or talk to other teachers at your grade level and find out what apps they have found beneficial. Some examples are below.

›Language Arts Apps: Bookabi, Wacky Tales, Mad Libs, Vocabulary/Spelling City, Bluster, Grammaropolis, Fry Word, Homophones, Total Recall, ABC Cursive, Sentence Magic, Futaba

›Science Apps: Science Lab, NASA, Planets, Science360, WeatherBug, Match Animals

›Social Studies Apps: Stack the States, Speed Geography Lite, Google Earth, TourWrist, My Congress, TapQuizMaps, Kids World Maps, World Flags Jigsaw Puzzles

›Math Apps: Motion Math Zoom, Mathmateer, Scootpad, Singapore Math, Sushi Monster, Virtual Manipulatives