Summer Update

Posted by SHANNON MILLHOUSE on 8/11/2015 5:00:00 PM

Our Mountain Brook Elementary Makerspace is coming together! The makerspace team has met several times this summer to acquire equipment and furniture, organize our makerspace, learn and use the 3D software, and research and develop projects for our grade levels. Our makerspace has bright new functional furniture as well as three 3D printers, and three 3D scanners. We also took time to visit other makerspaces. We spent time at the Emmet O’Neal Library Makerspace learning from the tech librarians and observing children participating in their maker camp. We visited Dr. Alan Hargrave’s physics lab at Samford University. Dr. Hargrave’s students just completed a newly developed class involving rocket design and 3D printing. He took time to show us the rockets, conduct a printing demonstration, and share what he has learned through the process of developing and conducting the class. Our time spent gathering information from these community resources, organizing and updating our space, and trying out the software and equipment enables us to take our next steps—encouraging and challenging our students to design and create in our MBE makerspace.