September Update

Posted by SHANNON MILLHOUSE on 9/29/2015 5:00:00 PM

This month, we have been working on getting the printers working. It has not been easy. We have had several problems getting files to print and getting the extruders to work properly. The Makerbot printer required several troubleshooting sessions, but thanks to some strong MBS tech experts, it is running. On September 25, our first student file printed. This student had designed a small toy car in Tinkercad, and we were able to print it!

First Student File Printing       First Student Production

We are still learning about the Cubify printers. The printing has been inconsistent, and we have discovered that we need to purchase specific Cubify software for the printers to work properly. Cubify has a more proprietary approach to 3D printing. Makerbot is more open source. Through trial and error as well as research, we are learning much about our 3D equipment, design, and printing options. 

An exciting development in our Makerspace is the installation of our Epic Lego Walls! We have built Lego walls where students can plan, create, and build collaboratively. One gray wall is complete and installed. The other green wall should be finished soon.