Second Quarter Update

Posted by SHANNON MILLHOUSE on 12/15/2015 4:00:00 PM

Students are spending time working in the room, and they are excited! They are creating, designing, problem solving, and printing their creations! They also get to spend time creating and building on the Lego Walls.

Sixth-Grade: Sixth grade students have spent the most time in the Makerspace. They completed five Tinkercad lessons through Project Ignite and a technical writing assignment explaining the features and demonstrating their knowledge of the 3D CAD program. They are using graphic organizers to plan projects of their own design. Students are pacing themselves through the process of planning a 3D project, designing it, printing it, and reflecting on the outcomes. Some projects have been purely decorative whereas others have a function or use. Some students have designed an item from scratch. Some have scanned an object and tinkered with it in a 3D CAD program. Others have used open-source files that they tinker with and make their own. It has been fantastic to see how motivated they are to design and create.

Fifth grade: Fifth grade students are using Project Ignite and working through the Tinkercad lessons to learn 3D design. Fifth-grade will also be designing and printing artifacts for their world project in the spring.

Fourth Grade: Fourth grade teachers have set up classes in Project Ignite that will allow their students to work on circuitry design and 3D design. We are developing plans for fourth grade and sixth grade to collaborate on area and perimeter lessons that involve designing floor plans and printing model houses. Sixth grade students will help teach fourth grade students the design program and help reinforce area and perimeter concepts.

Kindergarten: Kindergarten students will be scanning and printing some of the houses they designed and built based on the Three Little Pigs story. Later in the year, they will scan and print plastic sculptures from creations they make with a wood and glue composite.

PAGE: Some PAGE students are part of a technology and design group. Each week, they are using 3D design programs such as Tinkercad and Sculptris to create, plan, design, and print projects.

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