Kindergarten 3D printing project

Posted by JENNIFER JINNETTE on 4/23/2016

During the kindergarten Wood unit, students used sawdust and matrix to make particle board.  The students shaped the particle board into objects like using playdough.  Turtles, tables, pigs, etc. were made.  My class took the particle board projects to the Maker Space room and we scanned each item using the tabletop scanner.  Each item took 9 minutes to scan.  We played with the Lego Walls while waiting.   After all 18 items were scanned, we used the Makerbot to print 6 items at a time.  It took 19 hours to print 6.  We checked on the printing several times each day.  Three days later, after printing all 18 items, the students compared the printed item to the particle board item.  It was a big success. 

Particle Board Projects      Table Top Scanner   Scanned Project  Checking the scan.  Starting to print.

8 hours of printing   6 finished projects   6 Happy Students   6 more happy students  Comparing Objects