Spring Update

Posted by SHANNON MILLHOUSE on 5/26/2016 4:00:00 PM

Makerspace Guild

The Makerspace has been busy this spring. We started a Makerspace “Guild” for MBE Lancers. Students from grades fourth through sixth used Tinkercad to design and print 3-D creations.

Will made a pencil organizer for his locker; Sophie made a key ring with her initials; and Robert made a plane:


Makerspace Guild

Tyler made an organizer for his desk:

Makerspace Guild

Elle made an organizer for her bathroom to hold soap and her tooth brush:

Makerspace Guild



Tree House Project

Sixth grade and fourth grade teamed up to do a design project. The premise was that they were architects known for creating fabulous play houses and tree houses for celebrities. Sixth graders worked with fourth graders in teams of two and three. They picked a celebrity and worked together to design fun play houses and tree houses with game rooms, hot tubs, kitchens, and movie rooms. They worked hard to plan the designs on graph paper. They used a lot of math including scale and proportion with both measurement systems to convert their design to life-size in feet and to model-size in millimeters. They calculated area and perimeter for various shapes and complex figures. The tree house and play house models were fantastic!

 Tree House Project  Tree House Project


Tree House Project    Tree House Project