5th Grade Year in Review

Posted by WILLIAM ANDREWS on 6/8/2016

Looking back on year one of the Makerspace room we had lots of adventures and lessons learned. The coolest thing is that all 80 5th graders were introduced to new technologies, projects, and problem solving opportunities. I look forward to next year and building on this year's experiences!


-- Creating Project Ignite and Tinkercad accounts

-- Finishing the PI introductory lessons

-- Exploring, designing, and creating in Tinkercad

-- World Project - using the Printshop app students created an artifact for the country they have created

World Project Artifacts - Printshop App



-- Teachers can verify student Project Ignite/Tinkercad accounts

-- Time - it takes lots of time

-- Project Ignite = lessons and introduction or created projects to complete

-- Tinkercad = free design and exploration

-- Makerbot Printshop App - a free app that takes 2D drawings and converts it to a 3D print file; easier for some students to manage

-- Index Cards - each student had to draw out on an index the measurements of their design to verify size

-- Checklist - create a checklist of items that must be done before printing

-- World Project - next year students will have a choice of creating an artifact in Tinkercad or Printshop

-- World Project - next year I will spread out the printing throughout the year rather than waiting to do all of them at once