Confratute and Beyond

Posted by Katy Caughran on 8/10/2015

Institute for Innovation has provided us with truly meaningful learning opportunities over the last few months. We have spent this summer intently focused on the most effective, challenging and engaging methods for reaching each child where they are in their learning. Our week spent at UCONN in July allowed us to build our knowledge base and work individually with experts, researchers and professors in the field of enrichment and education.

 Furthermore, Mandi was able to attend a second conference on gifted education for Alabama. This experience provided her with essential information regarding best practice, standards, legalities and creative strategies for differentiating curriculum. The PAGE PLC also had time to connect and share innovative ideas to explore this school year.

 Additionally, we were able to build strong relationships with the talented professionals both locally and nationally. These contacts will be critical in developing ideas in the years to come. All of the people we met were enthusiastic, inspiring and genuine in their efforts to get to know us as individuals, not only as teachers. We knew making connections with students and colleagues was a key ingredient to growth. Both of us were the students this summer. Both of us realized how these bonds made all of the difference in instilling a passion for lifelong learning and a willingness to dig deeper. We are ready to make our learning transferable!


Our time was focused on researching, brainstorming, planning, and reflecting. Equipped with greater understanding and insight on enrichment programming and engagement, we now can start the process of adapting our learning for the culture and population of Mountain Brook Schools. We are eager to start learning with our children and fellow teachers in the new school year! We know we will gain more perspective as we gradually implement student-focused and interest based designs.